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 HOUSTON, TX 77057   



Mon-Thur: 11-10
Fri: 11-11
Sat: 10-11 (Brunch 10am- 3pm)
Sun: 10-9 (Brunch 10am- 3pm)

Beaver tails 

Shrimp stuffed jalapeño with jack and cream 

(6) - 13.00


Nacho Mama’s

Brisket or pulled pork, guacamole, habanero salsa, queso, charro beans, sour cream flour tortilla chips - 12.00


Seafood Dip

Crawfish, shrimp, cheese, tomato, jalapeño, flour tortilla chips - 12.50  


Smoky Queso

Its queso, you are in Texas. Figure it out. 

Add bar-bar to knock it up! 

Regular - 9.00  |  Knocked Up - 15.00

Drunken TX Chili

Texas brisket, sour cream, shredded cheese, fried onions

Cup - 7.00  |  Bowl  - 11.00


Blackened Tortilla

Blackened chicken, tortilla strips, cheese, avocado

Cup - 6.00  |  Bowl - 10.00


Smoked Heirloom Tomato

Cup - 6.00  |  Bowl - 10.00

BBQ Oysters 

Broiled oyster, garlic butter, bacon chimmirchurri and citrus pico

½ Doz  MKT  |  1 Doz  MKT 


Garlic Crab Fingers

Jumbo crab fingers sautéed in garlic butter sauce


Texas Deviled Eggs

(8) Panko fried deviled eggs - 8.00


Slow Dough Pretzels

(2) Locally made pretzels, 1836 beer dip, peach bourbon mustard - 8.50


Buffalo Cauliflower

Crispy cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce with blue cheese dressing - 8.00

Beaver Chop

Romaine, cherry tomato, corn, peppers, 

black beans, cilantro lime dressing - 12.00


6.00 - Add on: crunchy chicken, BBQ, seafood


Caesar Salad

Charred baby romaine, rich Caesar dressing torn croutons and shaved parm - 9.00


Dirty South Chicken Salad 

(grilled or fried)  Fried chicken, cornbread croutons, chopped romaine, homemade ranch, tomatoes, cheese, bacon - 13.00


Fried Oyster BLT Chopped Salad

Corn battered oysters, chopped bacon, chopped greens, tomatoes, jalapeño ranch - 13.00


Fall Seasonal Salad

Baby kale, cranberry, charred squash, roasted beets, candied pecan, goat cheese crumble, herb citrus vinaigrette - 13.00


Chicken fried steak, country gravy, mashed potatoes, braised green beans, and

Texas toast - 17.50


Beaver Baked Potato

Loaded baked potato with choice of smoked beef, pork or chicken - 12.00


Roasted yard bird

Pan roasted 1/2 bird, natural chicken jus, roasted veggies, brisket dirty rice - 15.00


Hot hen

Whole fried Cornish hen tossed in hot sauce, pickles and white bread - 16.00

Beaver Den steak

Grilled hangar steak simply grilled with chimichurri roasted baby rainbow carrots, garlic taters - 18.00

By the day fresh fish

Cauliflower puree, roasted florets, brown sage butter, wilted arugula (mkt)


Chicken lollipops

(For sharing) 4 frenched smoked chicken legs sauced & toss’d with coleslaw

[Fire hot or BBQ] - 14.00 


Vegetable lasagna

Layers of fresh pasta, grilled herb marinated portabella mushrooms, chayote squash,

roasted garlic, whipped butternut and

ricotta filling, and topped with roasted tomato marinara sauce - 14.00


Land critter pasta

Braised short port demi, crimini mushrooms, leeks, roasted garlic, rigatoni - 18.00 

Beef Brisket (8 Oz) - 11.50

Pork Ribs (6) - 14.50

Pulled Pork 

Pork Sausage (8 Oz) - 10.00

Sampler (14 Oz) - 17.00


Sloppy beaver

Choice of meat: beef, or pulled pork 


Single 12.00  |  Double 16.00

Pit Boss “Chickwich”

Sloppy shredded bbq chicken, fried egg, crispy onions, coleslaw, and pickle spear - 15.50


BBQ Plates come with two sides and 

wonder bread (onions, pickles, jalapeños).


One Meat, Two Meat or Three Meat

Sauce available.

Fish or Shrimp Tacos

Two tempura fried fish or shrimp tacos, 

citrus slaw, chipotle cream, side salad - 15.00


Seasonal veggie tacos

Corn/flour tortillas, squash, portabella mushroom , baby kale, garlic, charros bean and corn pico, salsa verde, and pickled onion - 13.00

Bad-Ass Po’Boy

Fried fish and shrimp, coleslaw, tartar sauce, crispy onions, house chips - 17.00

Philly Cheese Steak PO’Boy

Seared Texas beef, caramelized onions, 

bell peppers, fresh jalapeño, Provolone - 15.00

Fried Chicken Sandwich 

(or grilled) - Fried chicken, Bibb lettuce,

red onion, tomato, chipotle mayo,

jalapeño cheddar challah - 14.50


Beaver Nut Burger

Brown rice, cashews, walnuts, cheddar,

Bibb lettuce, tomato, onion, house pickles,

miso-mustard, chips - 14.00


Shrimp Roll

Butter poached shrimp, tossed in herb aioli, on buttered toasted top split roll - 14.00


Veggie Sandwich

Arugula, roasted beets, fried green tomato, carrot, pickled onion, goat cheese, balsamic reduction, french baguette, coleslaw - 13.50

Beaver Burger

Texas beef, lettuce, white cheddar cheese, tomato, pickles, onions - 13.00


Texas BBQ Burger

Smoked beef patty, Texas toothpicks, crispy onions, 

goat cheese, spicy bbq sauce - 14.00



Texas beef, guacamole, chili con queso, pickled red onion, tortilla crispies, smoked green sauce - 14.00


Beaver belly

Beef patty topped with candied pork belly, boursin cheese, caramelized onions - 13.00

Classic Mac

Our original three cheese 

mac & cheese - 8.50


Frito Pie Mac

Chili, Frito’s, fresh onions - 12.50


Bbq Mac

Chopped beef, bbq sauce, crispy onions - 12.50

Topo Chico - 2

St. Arnold Root Beer - 3

Dublin Dr. Pepper - 3

Big Red - 3

Jarritos Grapefruit -3

Mexican Coke -3

Fresh Made Lemonade -3

Rosemary Soda With Lime -3

Ginger Beer -3




Fountain Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, 

Ginger Ale, Tonic

Mexican Street Corn - 6.00

Cole Slaw - 4.00

Garlic Mashers - 6.00

Roasted Baby Carrots - 6.00

Baked Potato Balls - 6.00

Beaver Fries - 6.00

Brisket/sausage dirty rice - 6.00

Pecan pie Tart

In-house made pecan pie, 

add a scoop of vanilla ice cream - 8.00


Beaver balls 

Panko crusted deep fried brownie balls, powdered peanut butter, white chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream- 9.00


Bread pudding

Seasonal fruit bread pudding w vanilla ice cream - 8.00


Fruit cobbler

Seasonal fruit cobblers baked in cast iron topped with vanilla ice cream - 8.00